Sunday, November 24, 2013

The 3 Essential Suits For Well Dressed Men

If you have ever seen a truly well dressed gentleman you will notice that he wears his clothing effortlessly, almost as if he put no thought into the outfit. This is not the case. Creating an effortless look takes a lot of planning when purchasing. When it comes to suits buying with purpose can help take your clothing budget much further. A well dressed man is all about balance and flexibility in his wardrobe. You do not have to have a closet full of clothes to look like you are a clothes horse. The right mix of suits paired with the right mix of accessories can create the illusion of a much larger wardrobe. Here are the top 3 essential suits to build your look around:

The Killer Navy Blue Suit: If there was one suit every man should own it is the navy blue suit. You can pair it with just about anything and it will look great. You can wear it to just about any function, Business or other wise and it will fit in. It can be worn with just about any body type and skin tone and it will still flatter. This is THE suit to have. If you are looking to start or rebuild your wardrobe this suit should be your most expensive suit.
The Flexible Charcoal Gray Suit: A close cousin of the Navy Blue suit charcoal gray with a flannel finish is a great second suit. It works well with every 9-5 function and can still double (though not as elegant as the navy) for social duties. Look for dark almost black gray with some depth in the color, sort of a faux Flannel, if Flannel is not your thing.
The Power Navy Pinstripe Suit: From Mobsters to CEO there is a reason they all gravitate to the Pin stripe suit. The suit commands respect and is the perfect compliment to any wardrobe. it has been a staple of quality mens suits for decades and that is where it will stay for decades more. Chris Vance is the senior trends and fashion spotter for Requisite clothing, a custom clothing design house specializing in custom suits, custom shirts, custom tuxedos and sports wear for both men and women. Article Source: