Monday, December 27, 2010

Dressy Shirts

There are many styles of me's dress shirts with many different styles of collars, cuffs and materials but to me it's hard to beat the sophistication of a spread collar, french cuff, white broadcloth shirt such as this one:

My second favorite is a tabbed, contrast collar in a pinstripe/white combination with french cuffs in broadcloth:

For sports shirts I like a bold stripe shirt similar to this one (note the double button cuff).

For a clean/dressy yet casual shirt it's hard to beat the classic paneled silk camp shirt:

Here are a few graphics I found showing various collar and cuff styles:

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts

I started the business back in 1986 (my full name is Nicholas Charles Tyrwhitt Wheeler) because I thought I could make a shirt better than anybody else. Since then, all our menswear is built to last using only the finest materials. Buy a shirt from us today and it’ll still look good in 10 years time.

As well as formal and casual shirts, we offer a range of accessories, including cufflinks, ties, belts, suits and separates, evening wear, coats and shoes. Our casual collection includes polo shirts and chinos. Stylish design and a flawless fit are the foundations of our women’s collection, which includes shirts, knitwear and accessories.

You can visit one of our many retail stores throughout the UK, including our flagship store in world famous Jermyn Street in London, a location synonymous with offering the finest quality menswear since 1730. You can also visit our other stores throughout the UK, as well as in New York and Paris. If time is short you can order through our website or by mail order. Please call us to request our full colour brochure.

Charles Tyrwhitt

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Staying Power - The Ultimate in Collar Stays

There might come a time when the ends of a men's shirt collar just would not stay put and remain crisp. Often times when a man would have trouble keeping his collar neat and crisp in all the right places. But with collar stays, this problem can easily be remedied. Another name for these usual clothing accessories would be collar tabs or collar bones.

In the UK, collar stays are also referred to as collar stiffeners. Whatever the name of choice may be, these contraptions are ideal in keeping shirt collars rigid and crisp. With these in place, the shirt collar would then be made to lay flat against the clavicle of the man wearing the shirt.

Collar stiffeners are actually rigid and sleek in appearance, and they can be made of several materials or elements. For instance, there are collar stays that are made of metal, sterling silver or brass, or even mother of pearl, horn or plastic, whichever might be the preference.

For those who are budget-conscious, stiffeners are made of plastic may be the ideal choice since these would not cost that much, as compared to brass or sterling silver ones. The removable ones are actually used for the more pricey shirts in the market. These are inserted quite easily into the collar of the shirt, so that the necessary points of the collar would be stabilized as much as needed.

Removable stiffeners are then considered fashion accessories here. For shirts that are not priced that high, they are often sewn into place. In case of emergency and collar stays are nowhere to be found, the traditional paper clip can be used as an easy substitute for the accessories. However, the prolonged use of paper clips is not advisable at all because the clip itself can tear at the fabric in due time. What's more, paper clips are made of metal. Should the collar get wet, the paper clip would react to the moisture and the fabric would be smeared with rust as well.

There are so many different brands of collar stays in the market right now. The leading brands include Eton, James & Longbourne, Stayclip, Calvin Klein, Dunhill, Murray Ward, Tateossian, and so many more. When choosing from the different brands, it is important to consider quality. This way, one can be sure to get more than his money's worth when purchasing collar stays from a particular brand.

Neil Thompson is a fashion writer who specialises in men's fashion, gifts and accessories. He has a particular interest in the Parker brand and the men's designer wallet market. Click here for more information on the Parker pen and designer collar stays.

How To Fold A Pocket Square

A formal suit looks exceptionally good especially if you have a pocket square in the breast pocket of your tuxedo along with your bowtie. They're especially suited for formal occasions, particularly black tie events. However, you may have noticed too that in even in such formal occasions, many do not wear pocket squares. Well, it's really a no-brainer, but only a few knows how to fold them the right way. Those who don't know would more likely not wear one of course.

Many centuries ago, pocket squares are used to be men's handkerchiefs for hygienic purposes. That's all there is to it. But prior to the 17th century, only the upper society used such until it was also practiced by the lower classes. And they were not intended to be a fashion accessory in the first place. They were used just like ordinary hankies today, tucked in the pants instead of the breast pocket. Nobody dared to show used hankies.

It was only regarded as a classic accessory when the suit design with pocket square came in early 20th century. Along came with that are the folding techniques. But of course, cloth hankies are obviously unhygienic when used, that's why tissue hankies were invented instead. And so, pocket squares remained as accessories and never used as mere hankies.

There are several ways on how to fold pocket squares. Examples are the One corner up, Two corners up, Three corners up, Four corners up, Double Point Roll, Dunaway, Four Mountains, Four Point Crown, One Point Roll, Rolled Puff, Three Stairs, and Winged Puff.

But before you attempt to fold pocket squares, it's a good thing to iron the linen or cotton first. You can also do that if you want to achieve sharp, crisp folds, excluding the hand-rolled edges. Silk or satin materials like neckties are shiny but they tend to slip more. If you want that you can use hand-woven silk which is coarser in texture.

Here are the steps in folding basic pocket square folds:

One point corner pocket square fold:
One point corner pocket square fold

1. Spread the pocket square flat like a diamond, with each corner facing up, down, right, and left.
2. Bring the bottom corner up on top of the top corner, completely covering it.
3. Fold the left corner halfway to the right side.
4. Bring the right corner halfway to the left side.

Two point corner pocket square fold:
Two point corner pocket square fold

1. Spread the pocket square flat like a diamond, with each corner facing up, down, right, and left.
2. Bring the bottom corner up on top of the top corner and adjust the tip to the left.
3. Fold the left corner halfway to the right side.
4. Bring the right corner halfway to the left side.

Three point corner pocket square fold:

1. Spread the pocket square flat like a diamond, with each corner facing up, down, right, and left.
2. Bring the bottom corner up on top of the top corner and adjust the tip to the left.
3. Fold the left corner to the right side up.
4. Fold the right corner to the left side.

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How To Care For Your French Cuffed Shirts

Looking implausible in your corporate attire best should not be taken for granted. It is not really impossible. All you need is a French cuff shirt and an accessory or two and you're on your way to looking your best even in your everyday formal wear.

A perfect addition to your closet is a French cuff shirt. There is nothing very fancy about these kind of cuffs. They are simply cuffed shirt, only they got double cuffs that are usually fastened with cufflinks. The cufflinks add a little more sophistication and makes your French cuff more illustrious. These cuff shirts come in different colors and materials that you can choose from, as well as a wide variety of cufflink materials and design that can go perfectly well with any of your chosen French cuff shirt.

Choosing your French cuff shirt is only the first step. You have to maintain its look when you first bought it so you'll be able to maximize your shirt. Let me show you how to care for your French cuff shirt.

1. Machine wash your cuffed shirt on gentle cycle and use lukewarm water. Stay away from hot water as it can damage the fine material in your shirt. Also make sure you separate your white shirts from colored ones so their colors will not blend. You do not want your crisp white cuff shirt looking pinkish or greenish won't you?

2. It is advisable not to dry clean your cuff shirt. Strong chemicals used in the dry cleaning process can damage your fragile shirt. Machine wash is enough. It's cost-effective and will spare you a separate trip to the dry cleaners.

3. Avoid stains. This goes to all of your wardrobe, as well. Make sure you dry your deodorant before putting them on. They can be very stubborn and will not immediately wear off with washing. When you get a stain from your shirt, remove it immediately. Don't let it sit. The more days you wait, the harder it is to remove.

4. For red wine stains, remove it with cold water. Red sauce stains, on the other hand, can be washed with hot water and hard soap. If the stains simply lighten but are not totally removed, soak your cuffed shirt in warm water mixed with a little vinegar. Bleach has harsh chemicals too, it's best to be avoided.

French cuffed shirts are perfect investments. They exude class, sophistication and elegance especially if paired with a classic pair of cufflinks. Your French cuff shirts are versatile pieces that you can wear to any formal event since they are fashionable and stylish. They can also be used as everyday office attire since it is also perfect in the corporate setting.

Maintain the original look of your shirt. It will last longer thus allowing you to amplify your investment. French cuff shirts can look perfect for a long time, you just have to take care of them just like you do to your women and yourself.

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Mens Hair Styles and Mens Hair Cuts

Until you have lived with a teenage boy, it is difficult to appreciate that a good hair cut is as important to the male of the species as it is to the female. The hairstyles a man chooses helps to define who he is and how he feels about himself. A good haircut and a new hairstyle can boost a man's self-confidence and even change his outlook.

Men can go to the corner barber shop for a haircut or to a fancy hair salon at an expensive hotel on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Just like a woman, a man will get a hair cut before an important business meeting, a job interview or a hot date. A good hairstyle can boost his ego and make him believe in his ability to accomplish great things. Changing his hairstyle can even change how the outside world sees him and how he sees himself.
Hairstyles for men can range from bald to long and all lengths in between. A short cut gives a man a youthful appearance and works well if a man has an oval face. This style should not be chosen if the man has facial features he would like to soften.

If a man wants to achieve a natural look, a mid-wave hair cut works well. Long hair cuts for men require more work to maintain than shorter cuts. It is wise to use professional hair products with long hair in order to style and maintain the look throughout the day. The classic look of James Bond or Robert Redford will always look right no matter what you are doing with your day.

A good hair cut provides psychological benefits to a man. It can make him feel better about himself and help him feel successful. It describes a little about his preferences. A hairstyle can act as his instant messaging system letting others know about his personality even before he speaks.

If you are interested in short hairstyles pictures <== Click Here
If you are interested in formal hairstyles <== Click Here
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Elements and Examples of Classic Style

To me, elements of classic style are timeless. The double breasted suit, the contrasting pocket square (never matching the tie!), a spread collar, broadcloth shirt with french cuffs, a set of sterling silver cuff links....these are the foundations then come the accessories like a Dunhill lighter, Mont Blanc fountain pen, Cartier Tank watch and Florsheim Imperial wingtips.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Welcome to "An Inimitable Style"

As I am entering yet another period of self exploration, examination, and recreation in both my personal and professional lives I thought it would be a good idea to document these activities in the form of this blog so if you have a voyeuristic nature and or appreciate any of my past works I invite you to read along and encourage you to comment as we go.

I am humbled and pleased that you've decided to join me here!