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1930's Gangster Style Men's Suits

Look at 1920s and 1930s gangster suits and you'll be convinced, a custom suit is the most stylish piece of clothing you can wear.
Great 1920s and 1930s Gangster Suits
Gangster Suit Stylings

Men's suits owe much of their current look to the changes in fashion during the 1920s and 1930s.
In the late twenties, men's suits went through a metamorphosis from the thin structured suits that had been worn for far too long, to the newer more "natural" cuts and finer fabrics we see in the suits of high fashion movie stars and the gangsters of fashion's Golden Age.

"There Goes Al"

Even 70 years after his death people still talk of Al Capone as a stylish gangster in the era of stylish gansters.
Capone owes much of his reputation to his suits. Yells and screams could be heard as Capone and his armored car entourage rolled through the streets of Chicago.
Capone was always decked out in a custom, top-of-the-line suit; when the best suit cost $85 Capone would buy 20 suits at $135 apiece.

To this suit he would add a Raccoon coat, matching silk tie and handkerchief, a canary yellow or green silk shirt, Italian glove silk undies, a cream colored borsalino wide-brimmed hat, a big black cigar, and of course his $50,000 11.5-carat Jagersfontein diamond ring.
(Info thanks to Mr. Capone by Robert Schoenberg) Few men can do 1930s gangster suits as BIG as Al Capone, but you can do it as well as Capone.
Most gangsters and movie stars could easily afford to buy the finest quality suits, hire the best tailors, and put together the best accessories, but the rest of us who admire the style, don't often have the dinero to drop five figures on an outfit.

Men's Suits of the 1920's

Mens fashion of the 1920s showed a a sharp and unique contrast to those of the previous decades.
Men's fashion of the 1920s
At the end of WWI, men came home to find their closets full of clothes that were outdated.
The soldiers returned to the "Edwardian" and Victorian wardrobes they had left before the war.
These clothes didn't reflect the progress of technology, marketing, and individualism that marks the 1920s as a unique decade in American history.
Though the shift in mens fashion was not as pronounced as that of women's fashion movement.
Men's fashion changed rapidly as the 1920's progressed.
It moved away from the stuffy conservative suits of the previous fashion eras, to a more "masculine" and individualistic approach to men's suits.

The Jaeger Lecoulture Reverso Recalls a More Civilized Era

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The Desert Southwest Men's Business Dress Vs The Upstate New York Business Dress

I left the lush and brisk Upstate New York, Finger Lakes Region on my 30th Birthday on September 16th 1988 on the heels of my second divorce, a 30 day trip to rehab and a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and dismantling of my first start up, Axiel Research Group, Ltd. The air was crisp that weekend as the Barr clan rallied at my eldest brother Chuck's country village home in rustic Ridgefield, CT and the fall folliage show was late for arrival due to unseasonably warm temperatures the previous two weeks. The dress code that weekend were loose in the knee Wrangler jeans, dark, solid colored Champion Products sweatshirts with Oxblood Bass Penny Loafers. There was more tossing back of single malt than footballs as I recall that weekend, as the Barr boys weren't much for sports, plus, I was just 30 days away from shaking off as 3 year daily crack addiction up on the lockdown nut ward of the Buffalo VA Hospital.

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According to Huffpost Men Have No Style?

Was looking at the Style page on this evening. Devoid of anything slightly male unless you want to give a pass to Prince Albert because he's rich and his mom was hot.
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RayBan Sunglasses - Classic Styles

Style, tradition, and freedom of expression are the key values underpinning the philosophy of Ray-Ban, which has been the undisputed world leader in sun and prescription eyewear for generations. Unaffected by the conceptual transience of fashion, Ray-Ban made a name for itself thanks to the absolute quality and authenticity of its eyewear. Ray-Ban’s eyewear collections remain true to the brand’s classic heritage, while continuously evolving to meet the needs of today's fashion and contemporary lifestyle. Today Ray-Ban is more "iconic" than ever and worn by countless movie celebrities and trendsetters all over the world.

Ray-Ban - Free Shipping - Shop Online

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Executive Essentials

Original description: Just playing with my f<2...Image via WikipediaI am proud to be an affiliate of Executive Essentials!

Executive Essentials is part of the Emporium Luggage Corporation. As a family-owned business since 1947, Executive Essentials, Irv’s Luggage and its parent company, Emporium Luggage, own and operate eight retail stores in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. With the extensive reach of the Internet, Executive Essentials has built a thriving business serving the needs of pen, travel and business customers throughout the United States.

Executive Essentials was founded in 1990 in Woodfield Mall, Schaumburg, Illinois. The idea of creating an upscale boutique devoted almost entirely to fine writing instruments was a dream of one of our owners. What began as a dream finally became a reality after years of planning, preparation and scouting for the right place for such a store. With the success of the first Executive Essentials store in Woodfield, came our natural progression to the Internet.

We have learned that pen collectors are sentimental and enthusiastic about their hobby and passion for pens. To this end, we have tried to offer an assortment of products in our stores that would appeal to a vast array of writing enthusiasts. Whether you want Waterman, prefer Parker, opt for Montblanc or long for Lamy, Executive Essentials has something for everyone’s taste. We also carry the ultimate in pen extras—inkwells, colored ink, stationary, pen cases and elegant desktop accessories.

From the ordinary to the unique, Executive Essentials offers a wide array of business accessories for your home office, or your office away from home. Unique wooden chair mats, leather desk pads, passport and travel wallets, leather portfolios, and desk clocks, sculptures and paperweights. Bosca, Bey Berk, Hafod Grange and Jac Zagoory offer their complete lines of beautiful products. Or, choose a unique desk clock from Bulova, Movado or Seiko.

In addition to fine writing instruments, we have a carefully chosen inventory of fine leather business and computer cases from Schlessinger, McKlein, Tumi, Hartmann , Rimowa, Zero Halliburton and others.

For that special finishing touch, we offer gift-wrapping and complimentary monogramming on our leather goods. Also, we have a Corporate Discount Program for the volume purchase of virtually any item on our site, as well as thousands of other corporate rewards and gifts. We hope you will browse through our website, to see what we are all about. Be sure as you browse, to make note of various specials that will be offered from time to time. If you need help, we have expert customer service representatives on hand to answer questions at our toll-free number, 1-800-680-PENS (1-800-680-7367). Whatever you decide on, we are sure you will make the "write" choice!

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