Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Wardrobe Purge & Update

So I just got back from Palm Springs with the last of my clothes and such out of my storage there. I have discovered that about 80% of it is going to Goodwill and that means 80% of my past years storage expense was wasted money. They say that if you don't wear or use something in a year's time to get rid of it and I tend to agree for the most part. So I've washed and folded everything being donated...keeping out one "good" set of old clothes for painting or working on my car etc... I find myself having to be rigorously honest with myself in that I tend to want to keep things I "might" want to wear someday which is bull because some of these clothing items I've never worn since I made my trek out to the west coast from New York back in 1988...out it goes! The only "cold weather" item I will keep till the day I die is my Pop's navy blue cashmere topcoat. That's my Christmas at Rockefeller Center coat if I ever get back there again. Oh and my black and white checkerboard Van's Fleetwoods too...they have to stay lest I succumb to the constant barrage of mail I get now from AARP and admit that I'm old. Never! I probably won't wear them much unless I go to a Cheap Trick concert but I will keep them around just in case. Free Standard Shipping on all Jos. A. Bank orders $195 or more!