Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Desert Southwest Men's Business Dress Vs The Upstate New York Business Dress

I left the lush and brisk Upstate New York, Finger Lakes Region on my 30th Birthday on September 16th 1988 on the heels of my second divorce, a 30 day trip to rehab and a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and dismantling of my first start up, Axiel Research Group, Ltd. The air was crisp that weekend as the Barr clan rallied at my eldest brother Chuck's country village home in rustic Ridgefield, CT and the fall folliage show was late for arrival due to unseasonably warm temperatures the previous two weeks. The dress code that weekend were loose in the knee Wrangler jeans, dark, solid colored Champion Products sweatshirts with Oxblood Bass Penny Loafers. There was more tossing back of single malt than footballs as I recall that weekend, as the Barr boys weren't much for sports, plus, I was just 30 days away from shaking off as 3 year daily crack addiction up on the lockdown nut ward of the Buffalo VA Hospital.